To evaluate new designs for the Red Bull Air Race planes and to conceptualise innovative technological changes to the Air Race format to further engage spectators.

Red Bull HQ in Austria petitioned Red Bull Advanced Technologies to carry out a brief study of ways in which the Red Bull Air Race could be improved.

The scope of the short study was relatively ‘open’ in terms of specific areas to investigate, so Red Bull Advanced Technologies decided on a number of areas to consider which would improve both the quality of the show from the spectator’s perspective whilst also improving the overall safety for the pilots and spectators alike.

A small number of designers and engineers from Red Bull Technologies were involved in this brief study.

Discreet research was undertaken which involved attending the Ascot Red Bull Air Race in the UK, discussions with current Red Bull Air Race pilots and review of historical studies undertaken by Red Bull Technologies in 2010 for Red Bull Air Race.


  •         To improve the show for spectators
  •         To improve both participant and spectator safety

Several key areas were identified by the Red Bull Advanced Technologies team which included technical developments to the racing aircraft to not only improve performance but also the spectator experience. Red Bull Advanced Technologies deployed its advanced modelling and simulation know-how to design a faster, more engaging, sustainable aircraft for global race audiences.

Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ real-time technological capabilities also led to several innovative spectator engagement tools being developed to bring fans closer to the action.

Our proposal was by no means exhaustive; the study was based on a free scope assumption. As well as considering the existing aircraft and a standardised aircraft, we also evaluated a new aircraft design, as the ultimate goal was to improve the spectacle by combining the very latest machinery with human endeavour within a sustainable business model framework.

Complete re-design of aerodynamic package of aircraft allowing for faster, more agile and better looking planes to compete in the Red Bull Air Race Championship.

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